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Service Learning

One of the key ingredients to a promising future is a sense of belonging and feeling connected to others and valued for what you have to offer. That’s why volunteering, or what we call service learning, is such an important part of treatment at IYR. Service learning lets kids experience…

Equine Therapy

Kids who act out are often reacting from deep pain or anger they don’t understand and can’t explain. Dark memories can be frightening to deal with. And for abused or neglected kids, trusting anyone—especially an adult—is too great of a risk. They’ve learned to protect themselves by shutting out people…

Support Our Vision

Children are being abused right now. In the few minutes it takes you to read this page little girls will hide from their abusers or cry for help that will not come. Every day in Idaho, there are more about 45 reports of child abuse. That is nearly 2 per…

For Parents


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Get Involved

Be a part of the promise. From financial gifts, to volunteering to, or sharing the message with the your friends and families to—your contributions play a critical role in making sure Idaho’s most vulnerable kids find the way to whole new worlds of hope and possibility. Your support changes everything.…

Monthly Giving

Partners for The Promise DONATE MONTHLY TO IYR Become a Partner for The Promise donor with a gift each month. Your monthly gift means strong and timely funding that allows IYR to spend more of our time and money on transforming the lives of Idaho’s most vulnerable and desperate youth.…

Sponsor a Horse

Equine therapy is one of the most proven and unique forms of therapy that Idaho Youth Ranch offers. Equine therapy horses have a special way of reading and responding to the young people they work with and imediately providing feedback through mirrored emotions. Patients of Equine Therapy have cited improved…


Did you know—donating an appreciated asset directly to a charity instead of selling it and donating the proceeds can result in both tax savings for you and a higher dollar amount for the charity? An appreciated security is an investment (shares of stock or mutual funds, for example) you’ve owned…

Impact of Support

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for Idaho teenagers. Imagine being 11 years old and feeling your life was so bad that only suicide could stop the pain. Last year one third of the kids at Hays Shelter Home had already attempted suicide. No child should ever feel…

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