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Mary and Jane

When “Mary's” violent husband kicked her teeth in, Mary knew it was time to leave. She lived in an abusive relationship for years, but she simply couldn't take it anymore. She took her children and ran. While Mary lived in her car looking for a job—a difficult task because people…

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Wine Women and Shoes

Ivy’s Story

When Child Protective Services took Ivy away from her mother with a “no contact” order Ivy found herself in foster care—her resentment growing bigger in every new home. “As a foster youth, I’ve had some bad experiences….During my childhood I developed a fear of abandonment,” wrote Ivy. “... I have…

Collectibles Clerk - Five Mile Thrift

Assistant Distribution Manager - Coeur d’ Alene

Donor Acquisition & Retention Coordinator - Boise

Strategic Sourcing Professional - Social Enterprise

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