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Have you shopped at our outlet store?

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Did you know we have an outlet store in Boise?

That’s right. It’s a bargain hunter’s paradise. Everything you didn’t know you needed, all in one place. If you thought thrift store shopping was fun, outlet thrift store shopping is exhilarating.

See photos and take a virtual tour here.

What’s even better are the prices:

Clothes - $.75 each

Shoes - $2.99 each

Books - $.25 each

Records - $.50 each

Everything else is priced by the pound:

1 – 19 pounds - $.99 per pound

20 – 49 pounds - $.79 per pound

50+ pounds - $.59 per pounds

This includes furniture, toys and household goods; anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories.

We go even a step beyond that with our $10 cart sales held monthly. It's simple - fill your cart to the brim with homegoods, toys, books, records, even luggage! Make sure you're following us on Facebook for updates on these sales! 

Here’s the best part – The revenue generated from your purchases, just like at our thrift stores, helps fund our six programs across the state that help Idaho’s most at-risk youth. To learn more about these programs, click here.


UPDATE: We are excited to announce our second outlet store in Post Falls is now open!

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