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Anchor House Helps Loving Parents Get Their Son Back

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Jacob came from a well-off family with no history of trauma or neglect. But drug addiction does not discriminate—it can happen to any family. In 8th grade, he started experimenting with street drugs and soon spiraled into full-blown dependency on oxycodone. Jacob’s parents didn’t realize how bad it was until he got caught stealing.

They tried counseling and outpatient treatment, but even though Jacob loved his family and did not want to hurt them, he couldn’t stop himself from using. When all other efforts had failed, his probation officer and counselor recommended Anchor House.

Once admitted, it became obvious that Jacob was struggling with severe depression along with his drug issues. He had dramatic mood swings and was even on suicide watch several times. During his stay at Anchor House, Jacob and his family also went to IYR’s Family Counseling program, and family trust and communication were restored by the time he completed services and left Anchor House clean and sober.

When Jacob’s mom came to pick him up, he had a hard time saying good-bye to the people who had become so important to him. Before driving away, his mother left us this note: “Thank you for not giving up and for saving my son’s life.”

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