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Dominic’s Story

Dominic’s life was on the wrong path and his future looked anything but promising. Losing his scholarship to college and getting in trouble with the law eventually led to unemployment and drug abuse. …

All in the Family

When a teenager acts out, sometimes he or she is not the only one in the family who needs to heal. At Idaho Youth Ranch we're committed to treating the whole child, not just one symptom or issue. And…

Ranch Campus Goes to the (lawnmower) Races

There’s no lack of creativity or competitive spirit among the kids and staff at our Ranch Campus near Rupert. An old riding mower past its prime recently got a makeover and a promotion to a new life…

Program Spotlight: YOUTHWORKS!

YOUTHWORKS! is the Idaho Youth Ranch’s newest program, launched in 2013. YOUTHWORKS! prepares young adults, 16-22, for work and life success. Participants learn real-world business and social skills…

First class of YOUTHWORKS! grads earns their boots

To pull yourself up by your bootstraps, you’ve gotta have boots!  On April 15, 2014, the very first class of trainees graduated from our new YOUTHWORKS! program. Along with a diploma, each graduate…

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