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Not all scars are on the outside

We’ve told you about the 16,404 cases of child abuse reported in Idaho in its last count. You may know that in confirmed cases of abuse, most are neglect (74 percent) followed by physical abuse (21…

Being a Child Shouldn’t Hurt

Somewhere close to you, a child is crying for help. A tiny arm is broken. Snap! Just like that. Right now, the seconds are passing slowly for a child who is getting an overzealous whipping for spilling…

Sticks and Stones

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Once upon a time, this was the solution to bullying.  For kids today, there are few safe places left and “sticks…

Jerry Finds His Path

Very few success stories move in straight lines that never waver. For many of the kids we work with at IYR, the path to a promising future includes some setbacks and challenges along the way. The good…

EAP: the Healing Power of Horses at IYR

At the Idaho Youth Ranch, equine therapy is available to children and families who participate in any of our programs and services, not only kids in residential care. That includes family therapy, group…

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